Tall Scalloped Pedestal Raku Vase

This one-of-a-kind vessel is part of a new series inspired by the scallop shell texture most often seen in French design. Kristen throws the vase on the potter's wheel and then each scallop is carefully sculpted and formed to created a raised texture around the foot of the vessel.

Each piece is fired in the traditional Japanese Raku technique, making each piece truly one of a kind.

Raku, much like terra cotta, is porous. We recommend putting cork underneath them to protect the surface they live on from water marks.

Our Raku pieces are not food safe, but the perfect decor piece for your home. We love using them as planters and as vases!

Hand wash with care.

Length: 3.25 in

Width: 3.25 in

Height: 8.5 in